Topic: Central bank digital currency

US Commerce Department calls for input on digital asset framework

The United States’ Department of Commerce has asked whether the US regulatory landscape is impacting the global competitiveness of digital asset platforms, as practitioners say the forthcoming framework could affect “a number of new market actors”.

26 May 2022

“A real-life demonstration of the risks”: regulators and practitioners react to stablecoin stutter

Regulators and practitioners across the world have voiced expectations of an accelerated regulatory framework for stablecoins, after a turbulent week for cryptocurrencies that saw Bitcoin lose a fifth of its value.

18 May 2022

European Commission issues new CBDC proposal

The European Commission has published its long-awaited digital euro proposal, but banking groups have expressed reservations over its retail-centric approach.

06 April 2022

“We are consciously inviting a downfall”: practitioners warn crypto is outpacing regulators, as BoE calls for expanded framework

The Bank of England has called for an expansion of its regulatory framework to “mitigate certain risks” from cryptoassets and decentralised finance.

29 March 2022

Biden issues “sea change” US digital assets executive order

The White House has issued its first “whole-of-government” strategy for digital assets, in what practitioners tell GBRR could be a “sea change” for regulation in the space.

10 March 2022

The road ahead: GBRR's predictions for 2022

Climate. Merger policy. Enforcement. Cybersecurity and AI. Gender and diversity. Fintech, crypto and decentralised finance. 2022 is set to see advances from regulators across the world – but what can banks and their advisors expect? GBRR spoke to leading practitioners across the US, Europe, the UK, Russia and the Asia Pacific for their predictions for the year ahead in banking regulation.

07 February 2022

PRA financial stability objective could be undermined by secondary “growth and competitiveness” agenda, Commons hears

The UK government’s proposal to task the UK Prudential Regulation Authority with enhancing competitiveness and growth in the financial system, risks imperilling the regulator’s primary objective of ensuring financial stability, according to testimony before a parliamentary committee from one of the Bank of England’s most senior alumni.

27 January 2022

Digital dollar could provide “near-perfect substitute” for currency, Fed says

The US Federal Reserve has released its long-awaited discussion paper on a potential US central bank digital currency­, kick-starting a debate among both regulators and industry players on the potential and pitfalls of a digital dollar.

21 January 2022

Fed governor casts doubt on plans for stablecoin regulation

Federal Reserve governor Christopher Waller has claimed that stablecoins should be left unfettered of traditional regulation, despite growing industry calls for treating stablecoin issuers like banks.

18 November 2021

Big Tech sceptic tapped for Comptroller

After months of deliberation, US President Joe Biden has nominated a Comptroller of the Currency in former Davis Polk & Wardwell attorney Saule Omarova, who would be the first woman and person of colour to permanently fill the role.

24 September 2021

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