Topic: Central bank digital currency

China “tightens the screws” on crypto

Three industry bodies in China have announced a ban on financial institutions and payment companies from providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions, in a move one practitioner calls an effort to “contain a competitor”.

21 May 2021

“Britcoin?” UK unveils CBDC taskforce

The United Kingdom has moved a step closer to developing a digital version of its currency.

19 April 2021

EU and Russia push forward on CBDC plans, amid pushback

Central banks in Russia and the European Union have both moved forward on their ambitions for digital versions of their currencies, as private sector voices increasingly raise concerns about the potential impact of CBDCs on financial stability.

16 April 2021

Treasury fintech review urges unified UK regulatory strategy

UK practitioners have welcomed proposals recommending a new regulatory framework for the fintech sector.

02 March 2021

India prepares “private” cryptocurrency ban

India’s parliament is considering a proposal that would prohibit “private” cryptocurrencies, despite industry participants complaining there has been “no clear communication” on what falls under the definition.

09 February 2021

China moves closer to digital yuan

China is closing in on its goal of issuing a digital version of its currency, publishing a draft regulatory framework that would outlaw privately-issued yuan-pegged tokens while legalising a new official digital yuan – days after The Bahamas became the first country in the world to roll out a full-scale CBDC.

26 October 2020

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