Topic: Central counterparties

“Low risk is not zero risk”: BIS and IOSCO take aim at CCP non-default losses

The Bank for International Settlements and the International Organization of Securities Commissions are looking into central counterparty (CCP) practices to address non-default losses, saying the sophistication of their approaches “varies significantly”.

04 August 2022

ESMA takes aim at complexity with new CCP resolvability framework

The EU’s securities regulator has published new guidance for resolvability assessments, aiming to prepare resolution authorities to deal with “overly complex” central counterparties.

23 May 2022

ESMA to tackle exposure to non-EU CCPs

The EU’s securities regulator has called for extra powers to reduce the financial stability risks posed by the bloc’s exposure to non-EU central counterparties, naming clearing services provided by LCH and ICE Clear Europe as of “substantial systemic importance”.

22 December 2021

BoE proposes tighter post-Brexit CCP rules

The Bank of England has proposed a new tiered system for non-UK central counterparties looking to do business in the country, following the EU’s introduction of its own stricter post-Brexit approach last year.

10 November 2021

UK and EU prepare for “managed divergence” in financial services deal

The UK and European Union have put in place a new post-Brexit financial services pact to enhance cooperation on regulation in the sector, a move that could bring about a “managed divergence” of EU and UK regulation.

30 March 2021

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