Topic: European Banking Authority

EU agrees MiCA framework

The EU’s legislative bodies have reached agreement on the bloc’s regulatory framework for markets in crypto assets, placing stablecoins under EBA supervision and requiring their issuers to be EU-domiciled.

04 July 2022

EBA finalises data collection plans for remuneration and gender pay gap information

The EBA has announced its finalised guidelines for the collection of gender-focused remuneration and salary data, set to come into force next year.

04 July 2022

EBA proposes new disclosure standards for NPL sales, while reviewing national supervision

The EU has proposed new data exchange requirements for selling non-performing loans.

19 May 2022

EBA opens climate-prudential discussion

The European Banking Authority has begun its discussion of how to capture climate risk in its prudential framework, in the face of opposition from an industry body calling it the “wrong tool for the right purpose”.

12 May 2022

EBA proposals take aim at “unharmonised” non-bank lending

The European Banking Authority has called for non-banks to be subject to consolidation and reporting frameworks, in a bid to improve oversight of “largely unharmonised” non-bank lending across the bloc.

06 May 2022

Commodities, cyber and climate: Global regulators warn of Russian invasion’s catalysing effects to existing risks

Regulators in the EU, Canada and the Financial Stability Board have all warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine war is exacerbating existing commodity market, environmental, and cyber security risks.

22 April 2022

EU lawmakers adopt fresh MiCA draft and reject proof-of-work ban

The European Parliament has voted to advance a cryptocurrency bill without a clause that would have banned proof-of-work mechanisms, and called for digital assets to be dealt with in the EU’s sustainable taxonomy.

21 March 2022

EU regulators step up SREP for investment firms

Two EU regulators have outlined their plans for investment firms’ supervisory review and evaluation process, including a new scoring system for EU banks and additional own funds requirements.

22 November 2021

EBA targets bank licensing in latest harmonisation move

The European Banking Authority has released new banking licence guidelines in a bid to standardise the authorisation procedure across the bloc’s member states.

15 November 2021

Regulators in Danske scandal voted to decide their own fate, record shows

Denmark and Estonia, the two countries at the heart of the €200 billion money laundering scandal at Danske Bank, participated in a vote that determined whether the European Banking Authority carried out an investigation into internal failings at the bank.

01 November 2021

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