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Commission to propose EU-wide legislation on cross-border instant payments

In its 2020 Retail Payments Strategy, the Commission confirmed its goal of fostering the full take up of instant payments in the EU. Between 10 March…

13 October 2022

The CJEU clarifies key issues on the adoption of enforcement measures in respect of sanctioned entities

On the 11 November 2021, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”), in delivering a ruling in the case of Bank Sepah v. Overseas Financial…

12 October 2022

Blimey! Brits leading the charge again on crypto developers’ duty of care

It is no secret that the world’s regulators continue to develop laws and regulations relating to cryptocurrency. A recent decision of the English…

12 October 2022

Permanent changes to Canada's anti-money laundering laws

🕑 6 minutesPayment service providers, fintechs and crowdfunding platforms were recently put on notice about coming anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing (ATF) legislative changes. Following these developments, the federal government published the first of these changes in April 2022. This article identifies the main impacts that the amendments have on the previously existing federal AML and ATF regime.

11 October 2022

Changes on the horizon in Croatia: proposed amendments to AML Act suggest new approach to VASPs

🕑 4 minutesExcept for numerous anti-money laundering (AML) compliance requirements prescribed by the Croatian Act on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism, Croatian legislation does not specifically regulate virtual assets service providers. However, it seems that this approach is starting to change. An urgent legislative procedure regarding amendments to the Act is under way, which will soon reform the Croatian approach to virtual assets-related services.

11 October 2022

How to Classify and Regulate Crypto in Vietnam?

Interest in blockchain (chuỗi khối) technology in general, and crypto in particular, has grown exponentially. A number of business and professional…

11 October 2022

Indonesian Regulatory Body Issues Moratorium on New Crypto Exchange Licenses

As of August 15, 2022, there is a moratorium in Indonesia on the issuance of new crypto exchange licenses. The moratorium was put in place by the…

07 October 2022

In overseeing digital assets, the CFTC should use its existing authority, White House fact sheet says

A Fact Sheet published by the White House and an array of reports from various federal agencies arising from President Joe Biden’s March 9, 2022…

06 October 2022

US: Amendments to Uniform Commercial Code Aim To Provide Clarity on the Transfer of Digital Assets

Over the last few years, stakeholders in the digital asset space have questioned how digital assets should be treated for purposes of the Uniform…

06 October 2022

FSOC Issues Digital Asset Report

On October 3, 2022, the Financial Stability Oversight Council (“FSOC” or “Council”) released a report outlining the risks posed by digital assets to…

06 October 2022

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