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Global Banking Regulation Review (GBRR) is the trusted source of worldwide news, analysis and data on global wholesale banking regulation. It keeps you up to speed on the latest reforms in compliance, conduct and prudential regulation affecting the world’s largest banks, helping you advise and operate successfully.

GBRR keeps you informed with the latest news, research and opinion, so you can stay connected, advise with confidence and compete effectively.

GBRR gives you critical insight into the regulatory landscape with a wide range of regular reports and surveys, helping you monitor performance against your peers, as well as the impact of emerging issues, such as how banking regulation is adapting to climate change, and the rise of fintech and crypto.

Get the inside track on the latest local and international developments with our regular summary of popular content and international reports from the world’s leading law firms; navigate the world’s banking regulation landscape with our technical library, collaborative community research, and in-depth reports across key jurisdictions; and access and analyse the world’s leading firms for expertise in banking regulation with GBRR 100, and the top practitioners with GBRR 30.

You can also harness in-depth guides on discrete specialised areas of banking regulation penned by leading practitioners to help you identify potential opportunities.

GBRR is embedded in the banking regulation community. Our comprehensive news and insight, as well as in-depth guidance, is curated to meet your specific requirements. Which is why in-house counsel, private practitioners, regulators and consultants around the world can rely on GBRR to stay informed on the developments and issues that matter.

Meet the team

Meet the Global Banking Regulation Review editorial team

David Samuels

David Samuels

Publisher, Global Banking Regulation Review

Douglas Thomson

Douglas Thomson

Editor, Global Banking Regulation Review

Emilio Demetriou-Jones

Senior news reporter, Global Banking Regulation Review

Ellesheva Kissin

News reporter, Global Banking Regulation Review

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