Topic: Prudential regulation

EU agrees MiCA framework

The EU’s legislative bodies have reached agreement on the bloc’s regulatory framework for markets in crypto assets, placing stablecoins under EBA supervision and requiring their issuers to be EU-domiciled.

04 July 2022

New York regulator issues stablecoin reserve guidance

New York’s state financial regulator has specified standards for stablecoin reserves, in the first guidance to be released in the US since the Luna-Terra crash.

10 June 2022

Less than half of Australian banks assessing emissions, APRA’s Byres says

The head of Australia’s prudential regulator has criticised banks for not keeping to climate guidance, as the country elects new leadership in what was dubbed the “climate election”.

01 June 2022

MAS slaps extra capital requirements on OCBC over scam response failings

The second largest bank in Southeast Asia has been ordered to raise its regulatory capital over following criticism from Singapore’s regulator of its scam response.

01 June 2022

EBA proposes new disclosure standards for NPL sales, while reviewing national supervision

The EU has proposed new data exchange requirements for selling non-performing loans.

19 May 2022

EBA opens climate-prudential discussion

The European Banking Authority has begun its discussion of how to capture climate risk in its prudential framework, in the face of opposition from an industry body calling it the “wrong tool for the right purpose”.

12 May 2022

“We are at a crossroads”: what’s next for regulation in the UK?

CityWeek’s 12th annual Financial Services Forum heard keynotes from the chief executives of the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority, along with discussions of the UK’s ambitions as a crypto hub and its potential for regulatory divergence post-Brexit.

09 May 2022

“A matter of priority”: operational resilience among banks still lagging, PRA’s Bailey says

A senior figure at the UK’s prudential regulator has warned that its banks still have a “distance to travel” to reach the required level of operational resilience, a month after ushering in its new rules.

03 May 2022

FSB urges expanded toolbox for addressing systemic climate risks

The Financial Stability Board has released its latest stock-take of regulatory efforts on the climate front – suggesting expanded use of scenario analysis and stress testing, more granular climate reporting requirements, and greater use of macroprudential tools by national regulators.

03 May 2022

ECB finalises discretions approach

The European Central Bank has finalised its rules on how regulators should exercise the more than 100 supervisory options and discretions granted them under the CRR II-CRD V legislative package.

30 March 2022

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