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New CCP guidelines mark EU’s post-Brexit fight for clearing competitiveness

The EU’s securities regulator has finalised its guidelines for resolution regimes for EU-based clearing houses, as the European Commission prepares a reform package aimed at boosting its competitiveness in the clearing space.

24 November 2022

From crisis to crisis – managing the “shock of change”

Two years in, the 2020s have so far been a decade of successive crises that have tested financial markets, pushed back the implementation of Basel III, and intensified political imperatives for growth. But can, and should, banks and regulators embed the “crisis management spirit” to cope with future shocks? Kelvin Ng reports from the European Banking Federation’s annual summit in Brussels.

19 October 2022

ESMA releases “nuanced” but “contradictory” five-year plan

The European securities regulator has announced its long-term strategy for the next five years – highlighting stability across the common market and the green and digital transitions – but one practitioner tells GBRR its plans for reducing regulatory complexity are both “nuanced” and “contradictory”.

12 October 2022

“Those lawless days are coming to a close": EU commissioner speaks out on MiCA and digital euro

European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness has pledged an end to the "Wild West" of EU crypto regulation after the last year's volatility in crypto markets.

03 October 2022

What’s next for the SRM?

The European Union’s Single Resolution Mechanism should expand its focus beyond G-SIBs, the governor of the Bank of France has told the annual conference of the SRM’s institutional hub – but how exactly would that work?

26 September 2022

EU plans to exclude banks from emission trading based on “unsubstantiated” claims, industry groups say

A group of industry bodies have raised the alarm over recent proposals in the European Parliament for reforms that would limit participation in the EU’s carbon emissions trading market, saying they would harm companies risk management, market liquidity, and increase capital needs.

22 September 2022

Meet the regulator: José Manuel Campa, chair of the European Banking Authority

In the first of GBRR’s series of regulator interviews, we spoke with European Banking Authority chair José Manuel Campa about the changing regulatory landscape, the challenges of an ever more integrated financial system, and a holistic approach to regulation.

20 September 2022

EU sustainability reporting standard could mean “information overload”, consultees say

Sustainable investing groups have praised the EU’s draft Sustainability Reporting Standards, whose consultation period closed this week, but banking groups have called for a delay in implementation.

10 August 2022

Data availability concerns persist as ESG amendments to MiFID II enter force

New EU rules integrating ESG into MiFID II requirements have come into force, despite warnings from industry that the data needed for effective compliance is still not available.

08 August 2022

Meet the policymaker: Jan Ceyssens, European Commission

“Regulation can only do so much”: with the EU’s landmark Markets in Crypto Assets framework agreed, GBRR met with one of its key architects, the head of the European Commission’s digital finance unit Jan Ceyssens, to discuss MiCA, what open banking has in store and his hopes for a digital euro.

25 July 2022

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