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Securities industry body prepares to extend master agreement to digital assets, with Ashurst advising

The International Securities Lending Association is pushing to extend its Global Master Securities Lending Agreement to crypto assets, with a team from Ashurst advising.

10 August 2022

FATF plans for trust ownership rules criticised as “vague”

Industry bodies have complained the Financial Action Task Force’s plans to tighten rules around beneficial ownership of trusts are too “truncated” to properly tackle the matter.

04 August 2022

Treat systemically important stablecoins as FMIs, say CPMI and IOSCO

Systemically important stablecoins must observe “all relevant principles” of a universal set of rules that apply to financial market infrastructures, according to a joint report from two global standard-setters, as international regulators respond to the ongoing instability in the crypto market.

13 July 2022

Roundtable: Why so few “global” banks?

Has it become impossible to run a global bank? GBRR decided to explore the question in a series of roundtables – the first from the American perspective, at a roundtable populated by professionals, mostly corporate counsel, working in the US market.

11 July 2022

Swiss Libor manipulation suit settles

A long-standing class action against Deutsche Bank and NatWest over allegations of a conspiracy to fix Swiss franc Libor is set to conclude, as a New York federal court approves a settlement in a class action lawsuit revolving around LIBOR manipulation scandals.

06 July 2022

Basel focuses on pay in new climate risk standards

Internationally active banks should align their pay with climate risk, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has said, as it issues its final rulebook on the subject.

17 June 2022

The green bubble: why BIS thinks we can’t rely on banks to drive a transition

In a new paper, senior figures at the Bank for International Settlements say it is “unrealistic” to expect the banking industry to provide resources for a green transition in the absence of government policy.

15 June 2022

Conflicting views on “esoteric” crypto trading at IBA’s Venice summit

Financial regulators are potentially helping to create instruments that could facilitate fraud, the International Bar Association’s 37th International Financial Law Conference has heard, as supervisors worldwide begin to develop frameworks for blockchain finance.

01 June 2022

“A real-life demonstration of the risks”: regulators and practitioners react to stablecoin stutter

Regulators and practitioners across the world have voiced expectations of an accelerated regulatory framework for stablecoins, after a turbulent week for cryptocurrencies that saw Bitcoin lose a fifth of its value.

18 May 2022

How can firms best implement Digital Regulatory Reporting?

Leo Labeis, CEO of RegTech provider REGnosys, argues the adoption of digital regulatory reporting should lead firms to adopt a more strategic approach to their data management.

06 May 2022

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