Topic: Remuneration

EU's retail package mirrors UK consumer duty, practitioners say

The EU’s executive body has proposed an overhaul of its existing rules for consumer participation in capital markets, some of which practitioners say “mirror” concepts from UK’s new Consumer Duty.

30 May 2023

Practitioners and BoE cautiously greet UK plans to axe bonus cap

The British government is reportedly looking to abolish limits on bankers’ bonuses, in what practitioners tell GBRR would be a “high-profile” departure from EU regulatory standards.

21 September 2022

DC Circuit overturns ruling blocking FDIC action on “golden parachute” payments

The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation does have the power to block improper “golden parachutes” even where the payment amount is unknown, a US appeals court has ruled, overturning a lower court ruling.

07 July 2022

APRA proposes new disclosure rules for remuneration framework

Australian firms will need to consider their chiefs’ non-financial performance in remuneration decisions, according to a new proposal from the country’s prudential regulator.

07 July 2022

“Highly concerning”: Bank of England calls for post-Archegos bank review

The UK’s financial regulators have called on major banks to review their equity finance businesses in the wake of the Archegos collapse – proposing they cut senior executives’ bonuses until they can demonstrate improved risk management – as the US Fed also issues its post-Archegos guidance.

15 December 2021

EBA guidelines flag gender-neutral remuneration

The European Banking Authority has introduced new gender parity expectations in its updated remuneration guidelines, despite respondents terming the new requirements “problematic and burdensome”.

26 November 2021

“More skin in the game”: Australian regulator finalises remuneration overhaul

Australia’s prudential regulator has confirmed new remuneration rules for the banking sector, after revising more prescriptive plans for the application of risk and conduct requirements.

02 September 2021

UK regulators to pin banks’ senior executive pay on diversity progress

The UK’s financial regulators are considering linking senior bank executives’ pay to their progress in making their workforces more diverse and inclusive, as they target a “purposeful and authentic” change in the sector.

07 July 2021

Singapore consults on corporate governance

Singapore’s regulatory authority is consulting on revised corporate governance guidelines for financial institutions, as regulators in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan emphasise sustainability and diversity in their own recent corporate governance overhauls.

12 May 2021

APRA consults on remuneration guidance after rigidity complaints

Australia’s prudential regulator is consulting on the country’s remuneration guidance ahead of a prudential standard to be finalised later this year, as Dutch authorities also prepare to overhaul their remuneration rules.

04 May 2021

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