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IOSCO releases “turning point” standards for global crypto regulators

The International Organization of Securities Commissions has said its new global recommendations for crypto and digital assets will be a “turning point” for regulation in the area, with recommendations analogous to the regulation of equity and bond markets, including proposals that would govern conflicts of interest, operational risks, market manipulation and treatment of retail customers.

24 May 2023

US regulators target liquidity risks in latest crypto warning

US federal regulators have continued their streak of warnings against banks’ engagement with crypto world with their second joint message in as many months – this time focused on liquidity risk and raising red flags over stablecoin-related reserves and deposits placed for the benefit of a crypto entity’s own end customers.

27 February 2023

UK payments regulation “not working as well as it could”, Treasury admits

The UK government has called for input on plans to “future-proof” its post-Brexit, post-PSD2 payments regime after admitting the current framework has failed to foster open banking as desired.

17 January 2023

What’s in store for 2023? Part one: crypto

How will regulators grapple with crypto in 2023, after one of the rockiest years in the industry’s short history? In the first of three pieces examining what 2023 has in store for banking regulation, GBRR spoke with practitioners from Europe, the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong about the road ahead for crypto.

09 January 2023

CFTC chair defends FTX record and asks for more powers

CFTC chair Rostin Behnam has defended his agency’s handling of the FTX debacle before the US senate, calling on it to grant him the statutory authority to oversee crypto firms he said would have averted the collapse.

06 December 2022

Banks should be able to issue stablecoins without specific approval, Sullcrom memo argues

US federal regulators should not bar banks from issuing stablecoins, according to a white paper prepared by Sullivan & Cromwell, which argues banks already have all the statutory authority they need in order to do so.

23 November 2022

More is less? Regulating the digitalised future

The UK has so far taken a light-touch approach to the regulation of digital assets – but for many new entrants, the EU’s more comprehensive, holistic approach is giving better long-term certainty. Kelvin Ng reports from GBRR Live in London.

27 October 2022

FSOC calls for crypto spot market legislation

The Financial Stability Oversight Council has released its recommendations on how to plug the gaps in the United States' crypto oversight – calling on Congress to pass legislation to give regulators oversight of the spot market for crypto-assets and create a prudential framework for stablecoin issuers.

07 October 2022

Here’s what practitioners think of the White House’s new crypto framework

The White House has released what it calls the “first-ever comprehensive framework” for digital assets in the United States, but practitioners speaking to GBRR question its claim to that title, calling it late, frustrating, and a patchwork of already-existing practices.

22 September 2022

Abu Dhabi unveils crypto principles

The Abu Dhabi Global Market, Abu Dhabi's financial centre, has announced new principles guiding its approach to virtual asset supervision as it vies with Dubai for the role of the region’s crypto hub.

15 September 2022

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